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Looking for mobile auto glass repair in Austin? Need to get your windshield replaced or repaired? Do you just want an auto glass replacement company to give you the best work at the best price?

Safeview Auto Glass offers fast, quality service you can trust. 

Find out what makes us different and why we’re proud of the work we do.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make people feel safe in their cars again by providing fast, friendly service with impeccable results at fair prices. We don’t just want to get you safely back on the road — we aim to brighten days and make friends along the way!

Our Values

Many folks look at the auto repair industry like a jungle full of predators. Our goal is to offer people a great service they can trust. Our values including honesty, fairness, people over profits, and old-fashioned hard work help us reach that goal every day.

Areas We Serve

  • Austin
  • Round Rock
  • Georgetown
  • Cedar Park
  • Plugerville

And more in the Austin metro!


It’s a jungle out there!

We understand that many folks look at the auto repair industry like a jungle full of people and services they’re reluctant to trust. Our goal is to offer people a stress-free experience with our core values of:

If reviews of our mobile auto glass service are any indicator, we seem to be meeting that goal!

Mike is the proud owner and expert craftsman here at Safeview AutoGlass. He has decades of experience with auto glass repair and a tradesman’s passion for what he does, making him a standout character in the auto repair world. Mike and the people at Safeview stand behind old-fashioned values, especially that honesty, hard work, and friendliness will get you far in life.

Our customers aren’t numbers to us. They’re our neighbors and friends that we’re here for day and night! Just call if you need us. We'll be happy to help.

The Most Experienced Mobile Windshield Repair and Replacement Crew

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What Motivates Us

Have you ever met someone passionate about auto windshield chip repair? You have now! It may seem silly, but we believe there are opportunities to do masterful work and make a difference in the world all around us. Even (and perhaps especially!) in the auto repair world. We take the opportunity every day to help people through a stressful experience with high quality work delivered in a friendly way.

Whether you need windshield crack repair or any kind of mobile auto glass replacement or repair, you won’t find our level of passion anywhere else. See what makes us tick:

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Expertly crafted repairs that stand the test of time - We participate in the time-honored human tradition of making things that work well and last.

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The feeling of doing a great job - There are opportunities for betterment all around us, including the satisfaction of work done right.

the friendliest auto glass company in Austin

Brightening someone’s day matters - Stressful situations are one of the richest opportunities to impact someone else’s life, and we take these opportunities daily. It might sound crazy, but we actually want you to enjoy the auto glass repair process.

mobile repairs to help you when and where you need

Helping others - Especially when they need it most!

Who We Are

At Safeview, we are problem solvers and trusted craftsmen. We know that your car is your livelihood, and we take the trust you put in us to perform your auto glass repair seriously.

Before solving the problem, we’ll make you feel at ease. We’re your neighbors and friends and we won’t steer you wrong. We’re not just auto glass repair experts, we’re people who love what we do every day!

After we’re finished, you’ll have total peace of mind with our lifetime warranty on labor and our high-quality work. You now have a forever relationship you can call upon any time, day or night. You’ll be confident you got what you expected and were treated right.

And of course, you’ll feel safe again, knowing your repairs were completed by someone who cares and who knows what they are doing.

Who We’re Not

We’ve heard some pretty awful stories from our customers. Auto glass repair and replacement should be a straightforward service, but that’s not always the case. So, we wanted to take an opportunity to talk about those things we don’t do:

Trustworthy, Top-Notch Auto Glass Repairs

When it comes to value and service you can trust, you won’t find another auto glass replacement company with our level of values. We’ve proudly performed windshield repair in Austin for over 20 years. Check out our services and get back on the road today!

Auto Glass Repair From Folks Who Care

If you need mobile auto glass repair or replacement in Austin, Safeview offers friendly, fast, fair, and affordable service you can trust. It’s the best value in the business, bar none!

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